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Revolutionize Your Poultry Farming with These Top 8 Flock Management Apps


In need of a tech companion to oversee your feathered friends? These four applications assist in monitoring your flock, encompassing everything from egg production to feed consumption and more!

Poultry farming has witnessed a remarkable influx of modern advancements in recent years, surpassing the capabilities available merely a decade ago.

With digital brooder thermometers, computerized incubators, automatic chicken feeders, and programmable coop lighting, technology has truly revolutionized how we manage our chickens, integrating software and hardware solutions.

While the requirements of backyard poultry owners may differ from those of small-scale farmers and hobbyists, one common necessity is shared by all chicken keepers—a reliable method for managing their avian companions.

While traditional tools like notebooks and ledgers have stood the test, smartphone applications offer a convenient alternative.

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They allow poultry enthusiasts to input and modify flock information, monitor egg production, and keep a comprehensive record of their chickens.

The added advantage of having all this valuable data at your fingertips further enhances the appeal of utilizing such apps.

Without further ado, let’s delve into eight top-notch poultry management applications worth considering for efficiently managing your backyard chickens.


For those tending to a single backyard flock, Flockstar proves to be a game-changer. This app focuses on data tracking, enabling users to create profiles for each chicken, complete with details such as name, age, gender, breed, hatch date, and even a photo.

With Flockstar, you can effortlessly track their egg-laying patterns daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Furthermore, this app allows you to take notes on egg weights, damaged eggs, and unusable varieties like wind and soft-shelled eggs.

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As a bonus, Flockstar maintains a constant connection to the cloud, ensuring your valuable data remains safe even if manual backups are missed.

For those seeking enhanced functionality, a paid upgrade is available, offering features such as tracking multiple flocks, managing expenses, sales, vendors, customers, and maintaining a journal enriched with notes, photos, and tags.

Developed by Late Shift Digital, LLC.



Geared towards cottage-industry flock keepers, 123Poultry is a comprehensive solution for monitoring your farm’s financial performance.

Through easily understandable tables, graphs, and logs, this application empowers you to track income, expenses, and sales seamlessly.

Moreover, 123Poultry allows you to determine each bird’s feed intake and body-weight development, enabling you to identify the most feed-efficient breeds in your flock.

You can also record crucial flock details, such as laying percentage, damaged eggs, and overall egg production.

The app’s Knowledge Center also provides valuable farming tips and management practices, serving as a valuable resource for poultry enthusiasts. Developed by Champrix.



Designed for microflock owners seeking a straightforward and hassle-free approach to flock management, ChookBook offers a vibrant and user-friendly interface, emphasizing your flock’s birds.

Each hen receives her dedicated page with a photo and essential details like color, gender, breed, and hatch date. You can easily indicate if a hen is actively laying by toggling the Active switch.

You can then record which bird lays an egg on each day. ChookBook conveniently compiles this data into a bar graph, visually representing your flock’s weekly egg production.


Furthermore, the app offers sections for recording additional activities such as watering, worming, and coop cleaning. Developed by Gustavo Costa de Oliveira.


Count Your Eggs

If your sole focus is to keep track of your flock’s egg productivity, look no further than Count Your Eggs.

This application forgoes the complexity of profile pages and detailed flock information, honing in on a singular purpose—tracking the number of eggs laid by your chickens daily.

With Count Your Eggs, you can view your flock’s productivity over varying timeframes, including a week, month, quarter, half-year, year, and even two years.

The app’s “My Egg History” feature allows you to search for a specific date and review the number of eggs laid on that day.

Additionally, you can edit the totals if you miss a day or if one of your hens lays an egg later in the afternoon. Developed by RoleModel Software, Inc.

Count Your Eggs

My Poultry Manager

Revolutionize your poultry farming experience with this cutting-edge app. My Poultry Manager provides a holistic solution for farmers, enabling efficient management of poultry batches while seamlessly tracking flock details, eggs, and feed inventory.

Gain valuable insights through detailed visual and graphical reports, including egg production and reduction reports, feed purchase and usage reports, and flock acquisition and reduction reports.

Streamline your farm operations by bidding farewell to manual record-keeping and embrace this centralized app that empowers you to manage your poultry operation effortlessly.

My Poultry Manager

Mother Hen

The Mother Hen app comprises three essential components to optimize your poultry management. The “Harvest” tab allows you to record daily egg counts, providing insights into egg production trends affected by environmental factors such as light and stress.

The “Flock” tab enables easy tracking of individual flock members, complete with pictures and names, and even includes a family tree graph for breeders seeking lineage information.

Lastly, the “Finances” tab offers a comprehensive overview of the financial aspects of your poultry operation, including feed and other expenses, as well as income from egg or meat sales. Simplify your poultry management with Mother Hen’s intuitive features.

Mother Hen

Pollopi – Chicken Statistics

Pollopi is the ultimate solution for keeping your poultry operation in order. This all-in-one app tracks essential aspects such as chicken stock, egg production, and more, ensuring comprehensive poultry management.

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With Pollopi’s egg statistics feature, you can effortlessly record the number of laid eggs daily, monitor laying performance history, and stay informed about your current egg stock.

Additionally, Pollopi offers a “Chicken Till” feature that enables you to manage egg sales, reservations, and expenses, keeping your cash balance current.

Collaborate with multiple members by inviting them to your project, and take advantage of the app’s helpful articles and multilingual support for a smooth poultry management experience.

Pollopi - Chicken Statistics

Count My Eggs

If you’re seeking a streamlined approach to tracking egg production, Count My Eggs is the perfect solution.

This user-friendly app allows you to monitor the daily egg-laying activities of various poultry species, including chickens, ducks, geese, guineas, pheasants, turkeys, and quails.

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The intuitive interface makes it easy to record egg counts and graph the production trends over customizable timeframes.

Additionally, you can track expenses related to feed and supplies, calculate the cost per egg or dozen, and gain insights into the best and worst production days.

Record changes in flock size and track income from egg sales or other items to maintain a comprehensive overview of your poultry operation.

Count My Eggs is a versatile tool for efficient poultry management with convenient features like database backup, data export to Excel spreadsheets, and the option to add the weekly graph as a home screen widget.

Count My Eggs

These eight poultry-management apps offer diverse features and functionalities, catering to the unique needs of chicken enthusiasts.

By embracing technology, you can streamline your flock management tasks, enhance efficiency, and ensure the well-being of your feathered companions.



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