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Pony on the Loose: Police Chase Down Runaway Shetland in Crawley


A wild chase unfolded in Crawley, West Sussex, after a Shetland pony managed to escape from its enclosure. Sussex Police officers were dispatched to locate and capture the miniature pony as it trotted through residential estates and along major roads.

Witnesses saw the four-legged escape artist on Crawley Avenue, Gatwick Road, Manor Royal, London Road, and Langley Drive.

As police struggled to corner the quick-footed animal, Sam Satchell, Sussex Police Media Relations Officer, confirmed that the animal was eventually captured using ropes in a garden of a property in Short Close.

“Police would like to thank everyone involved for their help in locating and securing the horse, which was taken to a nearby yard,” Sam added.

Four squad cars took part in the pursuit of a mischievous pony (Image: SWNS)

A member of the public offered to temporarily look after the Shetland pony while authorities tried to trace its owners. The RSPCA was called in to assist but concluded that it was not an animal welfare issue, so they were unable to provide help.


Police have retained the pony in their custody and hope to reunite it with its rightful owners. The identity of the pony and the location of its escape remain unknown.

One witness on the scene, a local resident, reported that the sight of the small pony trotting along the busy road brought a smile to everyone’s face.

“It’s not every day you see a runaway pony on your street,” they said. “But it’s great to see how quickly the police and locals pulled together to capture and care for the animal. It was like a scene out of a movie!”

Police engaged in a one-hour-long pursuit of the spirited pony (Image: SWNS)

Another resident, a horse owner, offered her insights into how the animal might have escaped. “Shetland ponies are intelligent and curious creatures,” she said. “It’s possible that it found a weak spot in the fence and wriggled its way out. But I’m glad that it was eventually caught and is now being cared for.”

The fate of the pony remains uncertain as authorities work to locate its owners. Meanwhile, the miniature pony continues to steal the hearts of locals who witnessed its thrilling escape.

After a dramatic chase, the elusive pony was finally captured by authorities (Image: SWNS)

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