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The Unbelievable Tale of Star, Britain’s Legendary Pub-Going Duck!


Duck Star, hailed as Britain’s most notorious pub-goer for his unrivaled talent of chugging pints, has met with a calamitous fate in a heated clash against a canine adversary.

This esteemed bird, recognized by the endearing name Star, has achieved legendary status by gracing local taverns with his presence, donning a stylish bow tie, and effortlessly quaffing ale from a glass.

Regulars at these watering holes have become accustomed to the delightful spectacle of Star’s revelry, with some establishments even going so far as to provide the audacious duck his very own stool.

The Unbelievable Tale of Star, Britain's Legendary Pub-Going Duck!

However, the joyous era of Star’s drinking escapades may be cruelly curtailed following a harrowing encounter upon his return from the beloved Old Courthouse Inn.

In a tense standoff, Star locked eyes with the four-legged opponent, Meggie, who coincidentally happens to belong to Star’s own proprietor, Barrie.

The intensity in the air was palpable as the adversaries gauged each other’s resolve, only for the canine to pounce unexpectedly, inflicting a devastating injury that split Star’s lower bill down the middle.

Barrie, a sprightly 69-year-old, recounts the unfortunate incident as a culmination of Star’s audacious antics. It seems the avian reveler had finally “pushed his luck too far,” earning the ire of his canine counterpart.

In a panic, Barrie swiftly rushed his beer-loving companion to the veterinary clinic, desperately clinging to hope for Star’s complete recuperation.

Expressing his concerns, Barrie confesses, “Star pushed his luck too far, and Meggie, driven to frustration by the Indian Runner duck’s inebriated behavior, finally snapped, inflicting a profound split in Star’s lower bill.”

The altercation, which unfolded in a disconcerting sequence of exchanged glares and Star’s daring feat of standing atop Meggie’s back, proved to be far from a pleasant sight. The trepidation of losing t heir beloved Star loomed large over Barrie and his devoted wife, Sue.


Barrie, once a skilled scuba diving instructor in Australia, now resides in Chulmleigh, Devon, where he and Sue plucked Star from an incubator back in 2011, when the fowl was but a mere hatchling.

From pocket-sized companion to the ale enthusiast he has become, Star has forged an inseparable bond with his doting owner. Their camaraderie frequently leads them to venture out to local establishments, engaging in jovial revelry.

Nevertheless, Barrie recognizes that Star’s days of indulgence may be nearing their end. Reflecting upon the dire circumstances, he conveys, “He had to be rushed to the veterinary clinic and undergo anesthesia, a risky endeavor for ducks and other small creatures alike.

The outcome was uncertain, to say the least. Thankfully, our resilient Star demonstrated unwavering resilience, emerging from the ordeal relatively unscathed. Regrettably, we cannot claim the same for ourselves.

The hours spent in anguish and restless anticipation have been a taxing ordeal. Nevertheless, the veterinarians express their satisfaction with Star’s progress, observing his remarkable bounce back to health.”

In the aftermath of this unfortunate mishap, Barrie’s primary concern lies with the potential impairment of Star’s vocal abilities, jeopardizing their charitable ventures as an extraordinary double act on the streets.

The duo has succeeded in amassing substantial donations for various causes, relying on their unique charisma to captivate audiences.

Fortunately, veterinary professionals offer Barrie reassurance, assuring him that Star’s stage presence will remain unaffected, dispelling any notion of a speech impediment resulting from the accident.

With heartfelt pride, Barrie expresses, “He simply refuses to leave my side, and so we embark on our adventures together. I never trained him to follow me; it seems to be his own volition. I must say, he is a remarkable duck, brimming with character, commanding the adoration of everyone at the pub. His magnetic personality irresistibly draws attention wherever we go.”

Such is the allure of Star that he has even garnered a dedicated following on social media, boasting his very own Facebook page under the moniker Star Hayman.

The page offers an endearing glimpse into the avian superstar’s life, with a description that reads, “I am an Indian Runner Duck. My daddy is my best friend. I relish wriggly worms, and I am an ardent follower of my dad’s every step. We indulge in television together, particularly the enthralling sport of rugby, while also sharing a refreshing pint.”

The Unbelievable Tale of Star, Britain's Legendary Pub-Going Duck!

As Star valiantly recovers from his recent ordeal, his admirers eagerly await his triumphant return to the limelight, for it is this audacious, beer-loving duck who has cemented his place as an icon of merriment, unity, and unparalleled delight within the hearts of pub-goers across the United Kingdom.

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